VNA Healthtrends: The Next Generation of Home Health

At VNA Healthtrends, we provide superior patient care, reduce hospital readmissions and improve the long-term independence of our patients by helping them age in place – the VNA Healthtrends Way. Utilizing state-of-the art technology in our condition-specific programs and therapies allows our well-trained clinicians to maximize patient outcomes, ultimately shaping the next generation of home healthcare.

Based in the Midwest, we serve patients in the comfort of their own homes in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Arizona.

Our Condition Specific Programs

Falls Prevention Program

VNA Healthtrends’ Falls Prevention Program includes A step-by-step evaluation to identify risk factors that affect the patient’s potential for falling, resulting in an individualized care plan for each patient’s personal needs.

The Fall Prevention Program also includes a 4-8-week episode of home healthcare by licensed VNA Healthtrends therapists, with the goal of function, safety, strength and endurance as well as an approach that is safe, non-invasive and drug-free.

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Wound Care

VNA Healthtrends’ nurses work closely with each patient’s physician to create an individualized treatment plan that incorporates advanced healing techniques and therapeutic modalities, that meet the patient’s goals and maximize healing. Our multidisciplinary approach provides safe, non-invasive, drug-free treatment interventions in the comfort of your home.

Working together with a group of physicians, including a vascular surgeon, the VNA Healthtrends Wound Care program utilizes a wide spectrum of wound care products and strives to prevent infection and to enable a faster total recovery, that will ultimately yield better overall outcomes for our patients.

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Pain Management

VNA Healthtrends nurses and therapists ensure that the safest interventions are applied to overcome the self-care challenges associated with pain. Pain intensity is assessed by the Numerical Rating Scale (PPI) and/or the Face Scale with each visit in efforts to reduce pain.

Through traditional therapy, pharmacological interventions and advanced therapeutic modalities, the VNA Healthtrends’ Pain Management Program is an essential component to relieving and preventing pain.

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Orthopedic Program

Rehospitalizations are often due to lapses of care during a patient’s transition from the hospital to home. That’s why VNA Healthtrends Hospital to Home Program for joint replacement patients brings skilled nurses and therapists to work with patients within the first 24 hours after returning home post-acute. This results in better recovery and overall health for the patient. In fact, Medicare’s national average for rehospitalizations is 5.4%, while VNA Healthtrends’ is 0.

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CHF/Congestive Heart Failure

As many as 5.1 million Americans suffer from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). In order to minimize readmissions due to CHF exacerbation, VNA Healthtrends uses the state-of-the-art Zoe Fluid Status Monitor in their standard CHF treatment protocol.

The Zoe monitor has been called the “non-invasive chest x-ray” as studies show it indicates fluid around the heart and lungs better than an x-ray – as early as two weeks before the patient exhibits any of the symptoms of CHF reoccurrence, weight gain or difficulty breathing.

VNA Healthtrends’ Zoe monitor pilot program has successfully had a 0% readmission rate of its 62 patients, while the national average readmission rate is a staggering 24.1%.

Find out more about our CHF/Congestive Heart Failure Program.

COPD/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

In order to reduce the national COPD hospital readmission rate of approximately 17%, VNA Healthtrends strives to improve the self-care and at-home safety of our COPD patients.

The VNA Healthtrends COPD Program calls for: early intervention, including front-loading nurse visits, specific COPD-trained nurses and the creation of an individual self-care maintenance program for our patients.

In cases where the VNA Healthtrends Maintenance Program is also initiated, readmission rates drop even further.

Find out more about our COPD/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease program.

Diabetes & Nutrition

Diabetes affects a staggering number of Americans – over 29 million. The VNA Healthtrends comprehensive home health Diabetes & Nutrition Program is carefully designed to enhance the independence and long-term health of our patients by helping them control their diabetes symptoms and ultimately improve their lifestyle through nutrition counseling.

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Healthcare Heroes

As someone who maintains that recovery is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical, VNA Healthtrends RN Joyce Loader knows the power of patient education. Loader devotes the entire first visit with a patient to discussing goals and how the team of VNA Healthtrends nurses and therapists can aid in achieving them. This encouraging session, often with family by their side, inspires patients to look beyond their current condition and toward a brighter future. Loader says that’s because the team will only design a plan of care that is absolutely achievable. “My passion is in patient education,” Loader says. “As long as I can instill in them a can-do attitude that they can achieve success, they usually can.”

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